For the Hippie in me!

Sundance Catalog is pretty…oh so very pretty!

It is also a tad expensive but it is quite the eye candy.  I really love to look at it to give me ideas, suggestions, sort of “how to’s”.  Here are some examples of the loveliness of this magazine.  Which by the way is from the magical brain of Robert Redford!  I don’t care how old you are, you have to say he’s a pretty cool cat!

I love the saying on the shirt 🙂


Cool bed…maybe Mr. Man can built it for me!?

How cute are these little measuring spoons?  I love them!

See, that to me is a pretty darn cute outfit….you can read: Isabelle likes to dress hippish (technical word of the day!).

One last one:

Love the butterflies!

Ooops…one more, and that’s it!

OH MY…Love the bag but: $178….geez oh pete!  Well, one can dream, right?

Here is the web page:  Sundance Catalog

Peace and Hippiness,



2 thoughts on “For the Hippie in me!

  1. I like your style, Isabelle — very hippie chic. 🙂 Congrats on your blog award, too, and for overcoming strawberry-phobia — you’re on a roll!

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