OH My! Oh My!

Versatile Blogger Award! Geez…I truly don’t know what to say.  Mainly because I am not really in “blogging” mode right now.  I have told you about my sweet wonderful friend Janine.  Well, she is going through a whole lot.  In fact, her husband Dan is the one who is dealing with more than what he deserves.  So, I am here in Florida, trying to help her with as much as I can.  Although, I know it’s not enough.  I can’t fix it.  Cancer, I hate it.  I hate the word, I hate that it hurts my friends.  I hate CANCER.

So….although I am so grateful beyond belief, I am not my cheering upbeat self.  You must understand, right?

Thank you: Basilmomma

Please go check out Heather’s blog, it is lovely!

Pay it forward are the “rules”:

Here goes:


Ry Ry\’s recipes


Ten Things That

My mother in law is still sitting between us

A Little Lunch

OK, so I realize that I am duplicating some of Heather’s “shout outs” but I can’t help it…I am tired.  My brain is not fully working.  I am worried sick.  I miss my Mr. Man.  I miss my Sunshine and Bear.  I miss Cooper and Riley.  I wish I could fix everything.

Oh and I am to give you 7 more (useless) things about me.

1- I am a HUGE homebody

2- I love to laugh

3- I know how to play the recorder

4- I hate feet

5- I really really really dislike going to Disney

6- Chardonnay is a food group

7- I am a lucky and happy girl

Have a lovely day and please excuse my not so happy mood 🙂

Peace and so much love,



6 thoughts on “OH My! Oh My!

  1. Lovely blog my friend. You truly are a treasure to all of us who have the pleasure of calling you our friend. Congratulations .

  2. Isabelle, you’re right about cancer being a nasty sounding word and how it affects people, families, loved ones… Hugs and prayers to you for the love and concern you’ve shown your friends — they’re blessed to have you in their lives. (Me, too!)

    CONGRATULATIONS on your award! Loved your “useless 7” list. 🙂 And many thanks for passing the honor on to me!

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