Kale Pesto or Out on a Limb

As I was sitting there waiting for Matt to finish his physical therapy, I was mentally running through all the stuff I HAVE to use in our fridge.  It is a very exciting life I lead.  People around me were watching with intrigue as I reviewed the food items that I feel need a new chance in my life!  Please note that if there was a sarcasm font I would be using it right NOW!

Here is the little problem with my kale, actually not so much a problem but a fail attempt at making kale chips.  It didn’t work.  I, myself, didn’t even try the recipe.  I found the recipe in a magazine and Janine asked for it, so I gave it to her.  I then received a text from her: “kale chips…not so much!”  She has a very refined palate (for an Aussie…kiddin’) so I trust her.  I am not making kale chips.

I am making Kale Pesto for my roasted chicken tonight! YUMMY

Note: this is using a basic pesto technique…nothing crazy! 🙂


5 cups fresh kale (loosely packed, cleaned of any grits or sandy bits)

4 garlic cloves

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

1 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

How to:

Open your food processor and put it all in there.  Rock, rattle and roll.  You are done!  OK OK…pulse until you get a lovely “paste”.  You may freeze your pesto; simply put a thin layer of olive oil on top so the pesto doesn’t brown.

For the chicken:

Preheat your oven to 425F

Grease, cover with foil, or Silpat your baking sheet.  Put your chicken breasts (with bones and skins…don’t fight me) on your prepared sheet and carefully loosen the skin so your can put some pesto under as well as over the skin.

Take a look:

Notice the one breast on the left?  Well, my dear Dad didn’t want “too much” of “that” stuff on his!  So I took it easy…then while we were eating he said: “wow, yours are so pretty and they do taste great.”…He’ll never learn! 🙂

Put in your preheated oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of your breasts.  Serve!  May I suggest you make at least one extra, it is so delicious the next day with some country bread and a touch of dijon mustard.  Makes the perfect sandwich 🙂

Here is a look:

Yes, I know more asparagus…I am hopeless!

Printer Friendly:  Kale Pesto

Peace and Kale,


Note: as per Janine’s request my “consultant” 😉  Kale is a “SUPER” food: high amounts of beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A) and vitamin C. It is also rich in minerals. Being a green vegetable, it is high in folic acid.

Link for more info: Kale Super Food

Note #2: my recipe is also featured on Delightfully Dowling: Mangia Monday


8 thoughts on “Kale Pesto or Out on a Limb

  1. I made kale chips for the first time yesterday. (I like the salty and the crunchy. These HAVE to be better for me than Doritos.)

    But only half crisped properly. And they kinda had an oceany aftertaste. I wasn’t wowed.

    I’m not sure if it was the kale or my magnificent kitchen powers that failed me, but I will try again.

    Or next time I have kale to use up like you did, Isabelle,I may just go the pesto route!

    Thanks for sharing your improvisation.

  2. I have to agree to nix the kale chips. I tried them as a healthier alternative (I am dieting again) and I guess it is a texture thing, but I absolutely could not eat them.

    However, I did try the kale pesto and it was wonderful. I used it on baked fish steaks and it really complemented the fish.

    I really love your website, keep those recipes coming!

  3. Isabelle, I picture you as a Chopped Champion! 🙂 “Leftovers” are a reality and “what to do with them” is a challenge — keep those great ideas coming!

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