Being a good nurse…

This is my second draft of my good nurse/bad nurse post…I just can’t seem to get it right.  Guess which nurse I am always told I am?  Yes, the bad nurse….sad isn’t it?

I am changing my ways.  I think that during this second shoulder surgery recovery for Mr. Man, he would tell you I did better….I hope.  To be honest I never really had a chance.  My mom is the original bad nurse.

OK OK, she is not THAT bad but here is a funny story about my mom (from whom I have permission to tell you this story):

My dad was at home sick.  Mom had enough.  She sent him back to work stating he wasn’t sick enough to stay home.  His secretary said: “you need to go home, you can’t be here at work”.   His answer: “My wife said I am not sick enough.  I need a doctor’s note to stay home”!  He then had his secretary make a doctor’s appointment, got himself a note to make sure he could leave work!  He showed up at home and had to actually show the note to my mom!  Dear lord!

Even my nephew has refused treatment from Mammy (that’s what the grand kids call her) because in his words: “mammy you’re kind of rough”.

Don’t get me wrong, my mom is awesome… but I think we both lack the empathy gene.  I will say in our defense we are both getting much better.  As she said to me on the phone today (when I was asking permission to blog this) “I’ve been with your dad for over 40 years, I think I’ve put up with enough”….say what?  Nevermind….let’s move on.

What makes a good home nurse?

1. Empathy

2. Gentleness

3. Forgiveness (some patients can be a royal pain)

4. Humor (check one for me)

5. Organization (got it)

6. Honesty (check check)

7. Stubbornness (oh yea…I am on a roll)

8. Patience (ooops)

9. Attention to details

10. Love (cool, I do love my patient)

Here is my sweet patient, we had a dinner party and he was able to help set up the “bar area”.  Which made him feel very useful!  Poor him, he has been going out of his mind being unable to do stuff!

And LOOK he has a smile on his face!

Peace and Patience (working on it)



4 thoughts on “Being a good nurse…

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  2. We grew up hearing all the time you won’t die…it is a long way from your heart and this came from my dad…. Guess what all of his 9 children said to him when he had his heart attack… Anyways I am also a bad nurse (and I am a real nurse). I have very little sympathy when my husband is sick, mainly because he won’t do what I tell him he should do for his problems… just likes to complain. My comment also around my family is “it’s along way from your heart, you will live”~~~ but hopefully I am a good nurse in my real job : -).
    Sorry, that I am leaving a reply to an old post, but have been reading your older post and enjoying them… this one I had to respond to it.

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