Getting Chicks

If you want chicks don’t go to a bar, just go to Tractor Supply…OK, I know that was not a funny reference to women being chicks.  But, that’s just the way my humor gets me through the day.  My life is a circus and I am along for the ride!

Here are our little chicks, pardon the picture but they are in a “warm” environment with a red heating lamp.  Pictures don’t come out real well.

They are doing really well and seem to be making friends…I noticed a couple of bossy pants in there but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.  I guess in chicken world just as in our world there are leaders and followers.

Fact: chicks need LOTS of water, plenty of food and a warm place to move around.

Fact: a day in a chick’s life: eat, sleep, drink water and yep you guessed it: poop (I had to go there)

Fact: if you have teenagers and all their friends who come around wanting to look and hold chicks: you will be telling them to wash their hands a million times before they will listen.

Fact: you will need to purchase your chicks and keep them “inside” i.e. garage or barn before they can go outside in the chicken coop

Fact: chicken coops can be purchased ready made or if you like me have a handy dandy Mr. Man then he will build and they will come 🙂

Here is a great book, one Matt has read cover to cover.  Highlighted pertinent info and left on my night stand (twice) for me to read.  I think it’s a pretty book…but let’s face it, he’s read the book and he will inform me of my duties (trust me, he will) as we progress with the chicken fiesta!


You can find this and other lovely reading material on  Books about chickens on Amazon

Peace and p… (I won’t say it!)


There is always a trouble maker…I found her:


7 thoughts on “Getting Chicks

  1. That little troublemaker’s name isn’t Isabelle, is it? 🙂 Your humor is one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much!

    Also, I may be “lurking” for a week or two — my co-worker is having her baby TODAY! Busy, busy. (Fun times at the office, by “moi” self…)

    One last note: I LOVE getting your e-mail updates — I highly encourage EVERYONE to sign up! Go, Chicky Mama, go! 🙂

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