Raising Chickens

While at my brother’s in Florida, we finally decided it was time for us to get some chickens for our place back home in Indy.  We have been going back and forth on this idea for quite some time.  I knew this was going to happen as soon as Mr. Man and my little bro would spend time together.  I love the idea but I have to say, neither one of us can do this alone, we  need 100% support from each other.  We got it!  It was so much fun getting the eggs every morning and watching the chickens walk around and….be chickens.

The girls are so excited…now let’s be honest they are in middle school.  How long till the “newness” wears off?  Who knows?  But I am ready to be a mama chicken (what?).  I know this will take some planning and organizing so I thought I should keep you informed of our progress.

First off: as we were driving back from Florida my dear husband and I “shared” the driving…that is until he started planning the building of the coop.  I had the pleasure of driving through Atlanta and Chattanooga’s traffic.  Yes, we are still married but I gave him the evil eye a couple of times.  So we left Florida on Friday morning, spent the night near Nashville TN, got home around 2 ish on Saturday.  By 7pm Saturday night, he had gone to the lumber store and he was on a roll.  Here is where we are so far:

He’s at the Fire Station today (thank GOD!) but he has texted me this: “Tractor supply has what we want.  Golden comets.  Brown eggs.  Mature fast.  Hens and roosters are different colors!  They get another shipment tomorrow.”  I love the man…I love the man…I love the man!  See, this means: Isabelle get yourself to Tractor Supply tomorrow and get the little chicks so we can get this going!  I will go to Tractor Supply and get the chicks because I too am excited!  I will just pretend he is bossing me around…

I hope you guys enjoy this new little projects of ours.  Hopefully we will all get an interesting “education” on how to raise chickens.  I can’t wait to make scrambled eggs!  That’s how I think…FOOD!

Here is another picture of my brother’s chickens:

Aren’t they so pretty? 🙂

Peace and coop,



7 thoughts on “Raising Chickens

  1. Happy Wednesday, Isabelle 🙂 I enjoyed reading this because now I realize me and my husband aren’t the only ones who want to raise chickens….in our case, we want to raise cornish laying hens. Great minds think alike, hmm? 🙂 Enjoy the chickens and your day.

  2. Never figured you for a chicken farmer… 🙂 It’ll be fun to watch your progress — and oh, those farm-fresh eggs! We have several “suppliers” and I love the color variations! Have FUN!!!

    P.S. Made your Balsamic Reduction last night — SO-O-O-O delish!

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