I think I can dance.  As previously stated I love to dance for my lovely daughters while I cook breakfast.  But I am not so completely delusional to think I could be a backup dancer for Britney…Many of my close friends and mostly my family would tell you that I cannot dance.  Sometimes they just take their honesty way too far! 😉

My friend Nancy is a Zumba instructor and she teaches at our local community center.  Her class is always “sold out”….because she ROCKS!   I love to try new exercises.  So when she offered for me to come try her new “non-stop” class, well I had to go and check it out.

So I got myself all Zumbaed up (I know it’s not a word) and headed out in the cold lonely night…it wasn’t but it makes for a better story!  It actually was a lovely warm late afternoon drive!

What is Zumba?

Zumba \ˈzäm-bə, ˈzōm-\ (gumba, sumba) is the name of a dance fitness program, created by dancer and choreographer Alberto (“Beto”) Perez in Columbia during the 1990s. Zumba was marketed by entrepreneur Alberto Perlman, 1. who made the concept popular through dance classes as well as branded merchandise.2.The program combinesLatin andinternational music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun. Zumba classes are offered through licensed instructors in more than 100,000 fitness center locations in 110 countries with ten million participants.3. DVDs are also available for learning at home.

Here is the official Zumba web site: Zumba USA

Well, I had a blast and I sweated like crazy!  I love it!  I think what I like the most is actually the relaxed atmosphere.  It is much less structured than weight lifting or aerobics.  In fact, the instructor is there to lead you but does not tell you how to do all the exact moves.  You simply follow their lead.  The music is upbeat with (usually) a latin flair.  I encourage you (once more) to get out of your comfort zone and try it out.  I had fun and the hour went by so fast.

I know...I think it's hysterical as well!

🙂 can you picture me?!!

My friend Nancy has a new blog called Burgers2broccoli, it is great to hear her talk about her weight loss, healthy choices and Zumba….and lots of great fitness tips!

Here it is: Burgers 2 Broccoli

Peace and “shake it up”,



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