When to cardio….

OK, it’s been a while since I pestered you about exercising.  I haven’t stopped, I just didn’t want you guys to be overwhelmed by my constant obsession with working out!

*this little guy is ready to listen…. 😉

I think about this a lot every time I start to do my cardio; right when I enter the gym.  When should we do our cardio?  Before or after doing weights?  I have read a lot about this and here is the conclusion I came up with: whenever you want, as long as you do it.

PLEASE.  Let me explain and you can then argue with me or store this in your back pocket for future use.

I am a true believer in variety being the key to success.  That being said, I need to get my cardio done first.  For me it’s not about getting it out of the way…because I love cardio, that’s my meditation zone, where I find my mojo, my zen…OK, I am nuts.

Seriously, when is the right time?  With today’s crazy schedule = when you do it.  I can see the benefits of the warm up, stretches, weights, cardio and more stretches… I know you need to mix it up or “confuse” the body as I call it.  But for everyday use, I think you should just make sure you break a sweat!

BUT…once you reach that plateau.  You know when you say to your friends: “I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve lost X# of pounds but I’m stuck.  I haven’t lost a pound in so many days.”  Well then, it’s time to mix it up.  Take a moment to look at what you are doing on your daily routine.  Do you exercise at all?  How do you exercise?  At what time do you exercise?

Change everything.  If you don’t but have been watching your diet, I hate to tell you this but you need to break a sweat.  Not a: I am nervous about public speaking kinda sweat, but a: I am wishing I never read her blog kinda sweat!

You workout? well, bravo…now change everything…the order that is.  I do it at least one week every couple of months.  I force myself to do my cardio after everything else is done at the gym…I don’t like it, but I do it.  It is part of not getting stuck in my routine or me taking my body for granted.

I want you to keep moving, have fun and mix it up!  But more than anything else, I want you healthy and around for a very very long time.  I have so much more “useless” information and great recipes to share with you.

Oh….and SMILE! 🙂

* see this? this is me (who actually knows how to ski) falling and my sweet BFF Janini laughing at me and NOT helping me.

Now are you smiling?

Peace and sweat,



4 thoughts on “When to cardio….

  1. Like you I love to exercise! And now I do it because of my age. Like you I am 41. I have a grandson and I want to be in my best shape and be healthy to be able to be around for him. Plus when I work out I just feel GREAT!! Thanks for the post!

  2. That is the BEST motivational article on exercising I’ve ever read. Will you be my personal trainer?! 🙂 Also, I look forward to seeing what you come up with for your “Peace and…” signature — so funny & clever!

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