I said: “I don’t feel like working out”.  I never say that.  NEVER.  Headache, big headache…closing in on a migraine, I could feel it.  Problem? yes, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday, not today, yesterday.  Just like when you lift weight you are sore a few days later, same idea with not enough water.

So this lack of water commitment on my part was a dear price to pay.  I started to question why I didn’t drink my quota of water for the day.  Laziness? too busy?  I know better, I know the “truths/facts” “it is what it is stuff” as I call them.  Here is some “truths” that I know….they are in no specific order;

1-drink 8 glasses of water daily (no, sodas, juices and coffee don’t count)

2-exercise daily (it’s my list…)

3-say please and thank you (ALWAYS!)

4-dress as if my grandma would be proud if she ran into me…anywhere!

5-be nice to teachers and thank them

6- say thank you to people who serve our country

7- say thank you to firefighters and police officers (I like firefighters…especially mine!)

8-smile everyday

9-eat salad for dinner once a week (at least!)

10-reduce, reuse & recycle

11-say good morning

12-say good night

13-dress for the weather

14-get your pets from rescues (we adopted Riley and Cooper from the Lab Rescue-best dogs ever!)

15-you are what you eat

16-don’t smoke (duh!)

17-say I love you, often

18-see beyond autism (they “get it” more than you think)

19-count to 100 before you speak when you are angry (or when you live with teenagers!)

20-don’t text while driving

21-look someone in their eyes when you have a conversation

22-say: “bless your heart” when you have nothing nice to say (I learned that living in the South!)

23-laugh at yourself

24-don’t interrupt people while they are talking

finally 25-be fair, with yourself and others

I am sure that I could have kept on writing.  I also know that most of you have other things to add, please feel free; comments are open 🙂 (but be sure to count to ten before you hit send!)

Here are my fabulous & loving dogs, it has nothing to do with the list other than they make me smile!

How sweet are they? 🙂

Peace and love,



8 thoughts on “Water…

  1. 10 & 14 are related, no? I like your list, Isabelle.

    Always thank those who serve us. Just as two years military service is mandatory in Israel, working some kind of customer service should be mandatory in the U.S.

    People can be so rude and empathy is so rare.

    • Sidney, just when I think I was having the worst day, you make me laugh and “water” comes out of my nose! yes, you are right, let’s reuse and recycle our pets as well! Both our dogs are rescues…heck I am a rescue! 😉

  2. OH MY! What beautiful labradors! I have to know their names! I have two chocolates and a yellow, who is actually all white in color. I love the blacks too!

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