I want to run outside!

I had a panic moment today when I asked Matt: “is it going to get cold again soon?”  He replied:”they are calling for snow on Monday or Tuesday”.  Right now in February it is amazingly warm….REALLY warm.  We were out riding our bikes for an hour, girls were in shorts and sweatshirts.  Lovely…but it won’t last.

The thing is, here in Indiana the weather is odd.  That’s the only way I can describe it.  I mean one minute you are wearing a coat, you go into a store you come out and people are in flip flops.  I am not kidding!  When I lived in Canada, I expected it to be: cold.  Winter=cold in Canada.  August= hot and sticky in Canada.  It’s a no brainer.  Living in Florida for 12 years, I learned: don’t be pregnant in July or August…I had both Bear and Sunshine in August!  Still you know what to expect.  NOT in Indiana, it’s always a shot in the dark.

So, I want to run outside, keeping in mind that this won’t last.  I have to get out there tomorrow or the next day at the latest.  I do love to exercise but I refuse to run outside when it’s in the 20’s or 30’s.  That’s just plain crazy!

I will run outside, tomorrow or the next day, and I will love every minute of it.  I will be thinking of all the great food I will be making soon.  I will be thinking of you guys and how lucky I am that you actually read all my silliness!

GO RUN! or go for a walk! Get out there you’ll be so happy you did!  Take a deep breath and think how lucky you are to be able to do so!

Aaaah Florida!  Not running but nice, warm and sunny day!

Peace and Love



5 thoughts on “I want to run outside!

  1. silliness or not !!? I am thoroughly enjoying your daily posts !
    And will surely be trying some of your delicious recipes ! We just had 24 for a spaghetti dinner here tonight ( 10 adults & 14 kids), made it potluck & easy but it was fun to plan !
    And for the record, after 2 really mild days, 45 or so, today it was cold (-10 ) & I went for a run !! I am attempting to do a half marathon in late May ( although I am seriously rethinking 21 km !! ) and with the blowing snow & roads necessating tracks on my shoes ( which I did not have!! ), it was a bit treacherous, but it does feel good when it’s done ! so enjoy your run tomorrow !!! AK

    • 24! wow, how cool, I love big dinner parties like that! Good for you for the marathon I can’t wait to hear about it. I did a half 2 years ago and now I do 5k and 10k when I can. I love it, great motivation.

  2. I guess I will need to wait a bit…maybe a few more months…before I can go out and enjoy the warm weather. Here in Kuopio, Finland we have been suffering from very cold weather…Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning it was -34C…and the weather forecasters are calling for more cold weather this coming week!!!Enjoy your warm weather will you can! Maryna

  3. Et bien pour ma part…Je vais malheureusement aller courir au gym ce matin….Parce que dehors il fait -15 degré…….Bonne semaine Isabelle et prends une bonne bouffée d’air pour moi!!!!

    Amicalement, Marie-Claude

  4. So true, so true!! Take it from one that grew up in Indiana and now lives in Florida you nailed everything that I remember about daily weather.

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