Every day meals, Michael Ruhlman and Roasted Chicken

About 1 years ago, I read this “article/post” on Michael Ruhlman’s web page called: America: too stupid to cook.  The title alone really hit me, and then once I read the article, for some strange reason I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Trust me, there is a lot of useless information up there, so it was all a big “to do” list to get this out!  It goes without saying that I love to cook, but I also value the action of cooking.  My mom cooked for our family growing up and she still does to this day.  I love the time my family spends sitting at the dinner table talking, not about food, but about stuff.

Michael Ruhlman: his article is about the simplicity of every day cooking, roasting a chicken.  He is an acclaimed chef and author.  He is friends with all the big shots in the cooking industry.  He is the real deal, I mean he doesn’t pretend, he just is.  His lovely wife is an amazing photographer, her work alone will make you drool.

Here is a link to his article/post (and his web page): Michael Ruhlman

OK, so let’s get back to this cooking business.  It’s not that complicated, I mean you go to the store, sometimes you follow a recipe, sometimes you follow your heart.  I usually choose the latter.  Nevertheless, you should know that your family won’t care how fancy or foodie the meal is, they care that you made if for THEM!  Sometimes my family will sit down, eat and then look at me and say: “please do not ever make that again, thanks for dinner mom”!  It is what it is: a bad dinner!  Happens…a lot, everywhere, and life goes on.  Try again.

Even the most basic stuff to cook should be attempted, I make roasted chicken at least once a week and I have not heard any complaints.  I use to be afraid of baking, probably because baking is chemistry and you have to follow the ingredients carefully, in order, for them to react appropriately.  I worried about soccer in high school…not chemistry.  But every year I get better.  I haven’t given up, I love to cook and now I love to bake.

Just try, that’s all…just TRY and cook something!

Simple roasted chicken breasts (inspired by Nigella Lawson’s roasted chicken)


Chicken Breasts WITH bones and skin. (I had 5 in my package)

1/4 cup of olive oil

5-6 garlic cloves crushed and chopped roughly

2 “stems” of  fresh rosemary chopped (a heaping tablespoon)

1 lemon cut in quarters

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper (please use fresh ground pepper if possible)

1/2 onion roughly chopped

How to: In a large resealable plastic bag, put all your ingredients, close your bag and massage the whole kit and caboodle!   Put the magic potion in the fridge…here is the best part: you can do this 1 day, 2 days ahead…The longer the better, I usually get my chicken in there the night before.  Now because I play with my food, I often will open the refrigerator and massage it some more!

Here is the “ugly” package (believe me MAGIC is happening!):

When you are ready to tango, preheat your oven at 400F and remove your chicken from the refrigerator.  We need to take the chill out before putting it in the oven. On a large cookie sheet covered with foil (easy clean up) lay your chicken breasts skin side up and let these sweet things cook for at least 1 hour.

OK, the skin, if you are “worried” about the fat, just remove them before eating, PLEASE leave it on to cook.  It keeps the moisture in and the flavor is AMAZING!  The bones are also extremely important.  Just trust me on this!  I always make extra because this chicken makes the best salad, chicken quesadillas, chicken paninis…etc..

Here is a little picture of our “boring” dinner, roasted chicken breast served with scalloped potatoes and mashed rutabaga.

As you may have noticed, I burnt the top of my potatoes….see it happens! 🙂

Printer friendly: Simple roasted chicken breasts

Also here is an amazing “reference” book by Michael Ruhlman called: Ratio.

It is a work of art, the writing and the information are impeccable.

Peace and rosemary,



7 thoughts on “Every day meals, Michael Ruhlman and Roasted Chicken

  1. Isabelle, I got the Ratio book for Christmas. Really cool book. You can follow your heart all you want once you know the ratio’s

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