Athleta…cool clothes!

I love cool fun workout clothes.  I pretty much wear them to workout and around the house as well.  I have also been known to go grocery shopping on my way back from the gym. (not usually a pretty picture!)  I also like to shop in the privacy of my own home.  Because I like to look at magazines over and over again.  Then I go on the internet to the web site and look some more!  It is a vicious circle!  But luckily for me, I have found this great company that makes awesome exercise gear.  In fact, they have a very diverse selection for all kinds of sports you might like.  I love their web site because they have SALES items clearly listed.

I must say the clothes are “pricey” in my opinion but the site is truly worth looking at, possibly for inspiration.

Here is the site: Athleta

If you run, do yoga, zumba, pilates…etc… or if you do couch potato and like to be comfy!  This is the place for you.  Another great feature is their everyday wear; dresses, casual pants, sandals…plenty for everyone to enjoy!  You can even shop by sports!

And may I say the pictures are so cool.  I have to applaud them for using models that workout and are healthy looking!  You will not see a Christian Dior model in their magazine.  Sorry folks but that is just plain weird.

Here are some cool pics you will see when you visit their web page or look at their magazine:

How cool is that!  Look at those arms!

OOOOH, I want to do that!

Those my friends are MUSCLES!!!!


OK, so you get the idea.  Go check it out and don’t miss their sale items.  Also if you have a GAP card then you can use it there, same company.

Note: I do not get anything from this company, I just don’t like to wear ugly workout/run/grocery shopping clothes! 😀


3 thoughts on “Athleta…cool clothes!

  1. So what did you get? I got the reversible one-piece swimsuit with the figure 8 back that I absolutely love. I keep thinking I’m going to take up swimming this year but I’ve yet to find a convienient place to go do it.

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