Tzaziki…I’ll never eat out again!

I think I am my own worst enemy.  Every time we go somewhere and try a delicious food I get in my crazy head that I should try to make it at home.  So after going to our great local Greek restaurant, I decided to make Tzaziki.  I remember back during my college days, friends and I would go to this Greek deli and get a “tub” of Tzaziki and pita bread, LOADS of it.  Only one rule: everyone MUST eat it.  It was loaded with garlic!  Edward and Bella couldn’t stand a chance against us!  See the colorful reference to the vampires….and I never read the books….do not send me hate mail: I read cookbooks and workout books.  🙂

Before ‘researching” my Tzaziki, I knew Greek yogurt was a must, garlic, cucumbers but….what else?  Here is what else:

You shall need:

1 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt

1 cucumber grated ( I used my cheese grater, not the fine grater but the larger holes)

3 cloves of garlic also grated (but to keep it interesting use your microplane grater)

1 tablespoon of red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons of olive oil

salt & pepper

Fresh mint (optional)

Warm pita bread cut into wedges

Start by grating your cucumber, put your “shreds” in an old tea towel (or it could be new, I don’t judge) and wring out all the excess moisture.  This step is very important because cucumbers have an insane amount of water (not be  confused with water retention). In a medium size bowl mix your yogurt, “drained” cucumbers, your grated garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Put this in the fridge for at least 15 minutes.  When you are ready to serve simply stir and taste to make sure you don’t need more salt or pepper.  It will have a tart taste but should have a slight saltiness to it.  If you are using mint, then chiffonade/cut into small strips and garnish your dip with it.

Note:  Again don’t send me hate mail but I truly dislike mint…I know, but I have tried and tried in different dishes and I just can’t get pass it.  BUT I know it truly makes this dip special so I encourage you to use it…I will be a coward and forgo the mint.

The picture is a bit dark.  I made this last night and I wanted to take another picture this morning with better light but there are NO leftovers!

Tzaziki Dip

This is also a great after school healthy and tasty snack for the kids.  You should serve it with carrot and celery sticks, very tasty.

Printer friendly version: Tasty Tzaziki


10 thoughts on “Tzaziki…I’ll never eat out again!

  1. isabelle
    I had a message that you had befriended me on the Pioneer womans site…I love Ree….so I searched and found you have a wordpress blog too…I too love to cook and workout… here is my blog…

  2. Tzakiki is a favorite around my house as well, and so easy to eat. The last time I went to a Greek restaurant I left wanting Baklava, so now I make Baklava.

    I just came over from Tasty Kitchen. BTW, I also read cook books for pleasure. That is the only kind of book I won’t put on my Kindle. I have to have a copy I can flip through and write in.

  3. I will have to try this! I had an amazingly simple dinner at a restaurant while travelling that I have been wanting to recreate. It was a big bowl of chickpeas, cucumbers, and tomatoes smothered in Tszaziki sauce. Loved it!

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