Glazed Yogurt Cake

Glazed Yogurt Cake

When I visit my parents in Canada the one thing I get so excited about (after seeing my parents of course) is reading all the french magazines my mom has saved for me.  It borderlines on rudeness because I will grab my reading pile and go sit on their back porch (weather permitting which is always a shot in the dark in Canada!) for hours.  During one of my stays at “Casa pappy and mammy”, I came upon a beautiful picture of a yogurt cake, the glaze was so shiny and the texture looked amazing.  As usual, I kept the recipe only to leave it in never-never land!  I did make the cake once at my parents for a picnic we “hosted” at a local park.  I gave what was left to my dear Uncle, whom my mom has been in the bad habits of giving a lot of food.  She says if she doesn’t feed him then he won’t eat!  So needless to say he is like Pavlov’s dog…he knows my mom or myself will not send him home empty-handed.

OK so I kind of re-created the cake, only this time I used a lot of orange flavors and almond extract, which I love!

What you will need:

1 1/2 cup of flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of plain yogurt

1 cup of sugar

3 eggs

1-2 heaping tablespoons of orange zest

1 teaspoon of almond extract

1/2 cup of canola oil

1/3 cup of orange marmalade

2 tablespoons of orange juice

Oven at 350F

Butter your favorite loaf pan

Start by zesting your orange, put aside and then juice your orange (it should give you more or less 3-4 tablespoons of juice) set aside.  In a medium bowl mix your flour, baking powder and salt.  Set aside.  In a large bowl, using a whisk, mix your yogurt and your sugar (I do not use my mixer for this recipe, I just like the way the texture looks).  Add your eggs one at a time, keep whisking until smooth.  Add your orange zest and your almond extract, then whisk in your oil.  Finally, add all of your flour mixture at once and gently mix until well incorporated – but do not overmix.

Pour your batter into your buttered pan.  Bake in the oven for 50-60 minutes.  Let the cake rest in the pan for about 10 minutes before removing to a serving plate.  Let the cake cool completely.  When ready (cake is cooled) mix your marmalade and 2 tablespoons of orange juice in a heavy pan.  Heat and stir until hot and well combined.  Using a baking brush paint your cake GENTLY, I take my time doing this because I want the glaze to absorb well into the cake.  Let the glaze cool completely and serve!

Note: Since I tend to forget ingredients and/or I decide at 10pm I should be baking something for the next day…I have to honestly tell you that I have used regular vanilla yogurt.  I simply omitted the almond extract and reduced the sugar to 3/4 cup.  Also, I have used a lemon instead of an orange.  Call me Mrs Flexible!

perfect afternoon treat

Today’s snack….

This is a great cake to give as a thank you or I’m sorry I messed up…not that I would know….right?

Printer friendly version: Glazed Yogurt Cake

This lovely cake is also featured on Sweet for a Saturday #2 here is the link: Sweet as Sugar Cookies: Sweet for a a Saturday


5 thoughts on “Glazed Yogurt Cake

  1. That cake looks like a fabulous treat for the afternoon. Thanks for linking this up to Sweets for a Saturday. I hope you’ll be able to join in again.

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