At the Loveless

My family loves to visit new places.  We enjoy driving around and actually trying to find our way.  This may sound odd but while you are looking for directions, making a wrong turn or simply taking your time looking out the window. Sometime you just see amazing things.

I have to also tell you that when we decide on a new place to visit, Mr. Man organizes, plans and budgets.  Me, I go on line to find cool new restaurants to try.  Mom and pop’s type places are always at the top of my list.  The more intriguing the better.  I often have a list of 10-15 restaurants I want to try when in a new city.

Here is one of those places:

Loveless Cafe

Last year for spring break, we had a very sad loss in our family, my husband’s maternal grandmother passed.  We had plans on taking our kids to Florida and see our family but sadly had to cancel.  With the sad turn of events, we still wanted our daughters to have some downtime during their break.  Because of where we live we really had to think: driving distance.  So we decided on Nashville, TN. (We have a Nashville, In. which is lovely but that’s for another post!)

We were very lucky to go prior to the flood which occurred last may.  We went to the Grand Ole Opry, downtown Nashville, Country Music Museum, Cheekwood Gardens AND The Loveless Cafe.  OH MY WORD!  Can I say I fell in LOVE?   Just thinking about it makes me smile.  It was absolute perfection.  The service is outstanding, the place is charming and the food…oh….the food, to say delicious is almost an insult.  The biscuits are so good and so perfect, I dare anyone to eat only one.

I have to tell you the area is so pretty. The scenery is breath taking.  It is a little bit out-of-the-way but well worth the drive.  You will fall in love with all the surroundings, whether you go in the winter or in the summer (or fall or spring!).

If you are in the Nashville area, do yourself a favor and go eat at The Loveless Cafe, your belly will thank you!

Here is the link to their web page: Loveless Cafe

Note: Yes, I am a food nerd.  Yes, I love to have my picture taken in front of restaurants’ signs…that’s just the way I fly 😀

I would also like to include the link to the Cheekwood Gardens & Museum, it was absolutely beautiful. Everything was blooming, the grounds are immaculate.  I imagine you could take a picnic but trust me if you have just eaten at the Loveless Cafe, a walk is all you need!

Go check it out:  Cheekwood

Well, since I am on a roll, here is another picture of me at the Loveless with the late “Ms. Carol Fay”.  She was as well: pure perfection!

You can take some biscuit mix home and pretend you are still sitting there enjoying lunch!

Peace & love,



2 thoughts on “At the Loveless

  1. Go further Southeast next time & try out the “Moose Cafe” in the Carolinas. It’s fun & great food! I got the T-Shirt 🙂

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