Safety while exercising

I love to exercise outside, weather permitting!  I like to take different routes, looking at new scenery!  Nothing is more boring than doing the same old path day after day.  But since I rarely have a set schedule, often I go when I can.  Which means: I go walking, running or biking alone.  I cannot always carry a cell or even a wallet with my IDs.  I always think: “what if?”  you never know what might happen.  I have heard too often people getting hurt, falling, fainting etc…  What happens when someone finds you and you are unable to talk?  Unable to tell them who you are?  I am not the worst case scenario type of person but I do value my safety.  Oh! and my husband is a firefighter, call him safety Matt!  I am also highly allergic to penicillin, information which might be valuable should I get hurt.

I have found this great ID bracelet that is especially for this purpose: RoadID.  I think this is an absolute must if you like to exercise alone, take long walks, hikes or bike.  BUT I also love the idea of someone wearing it when you travel to different countries, when kids go on field trips, for my husband at work, etc.  I could think of thousands of reason why someone should wear these bracelets.

You can put pretty much all the information you want on your bracelet.  Mine has my name, my blog page (just kidding), home #, Matt’s cell #, my penicillin allergy and a “saying”.  You could include your favorite quote, a powerful statement or even a nickname.

The Wrist ID sport (the one I have) is only $19.99!

I encourage you to get one, please always be safe when you’re out there getting fit!

Here is my bracelet (I desperately need a manicure….which is why you can’t see my nails…I know : too much info!)

And a little closer (still no nails!)

PLEASE go check out the web page, it could save you or someone you love.

Here is the link:

Road ID

note: I get nothing from these wonderful people, I just think it is way cool to be safe!


6 thoughts on “Safety while exercising

  1. This is a really smart idea; do you think I need one for sitting on my couch, Isabelle?

    Hopefully my cat will recognize me if I should conk on the way to the refrigerator… He’s blind, so he wouldn’t be able to read the bracelet.

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