Alone at the gym

Well, I am a bit hesitant to share this with you.  But here goes: I love to exercise, there I said it!  For those who know me this comes as no surprise and not that I am a crazed pushy “over-the-top” gym nut (OK I am that but only with myself).  I just love everything about exercising.  Have I lost you yet?  Sorry, but it’s true, when things get crazy and I can’t even bear to breath, I exercise more.  It does make me feel good, happy and relaxed, yes all those “typical”  clichés we hear so often about why we should all exercise are, in my case, true.  My family will even tell you that when I don’t exercise no one wants to be around me.  NO ONE

So in order to be true to myself I will include this category to my blog – not to bore you with clichés, but simply to encourage you to get moving even if it’s just for a 10 minute walk.  I will try to fill this categories with ideas, suggestions, new workouts,etc.  In fact, I would love for you guys to ask me about anything you have in mind.

I go to the gym everyday, I know it’s a commitment for anyone to even be able to go 3-4 times a weeks.  But I know everyone has at least 20 minutes in their day when they could be doing something, ANYTHING to move more and be healthier.  One of the reasons I go to the gym, although we have plenty of equipment here, is because I feel comfortable in the gym.  I put on my Ipod, sometimes I let it do its thing and shuffle away, other times I look for my trusty workout playlist.  I don’t talk to people at the gym, in fact, I have been at my gym for a year and a half and I don’t know anyone.  I think of it as “me” time, alone at the gym, like meditation, calming my soul.

I just wish I could let you in on why I love to exercise so much but it’s one of those things that you “get” when you feel it.  Hopefully we can inspire each other to be healthier and be more pro-active this coming year!

Peace and love,


Here is a photo of Riley and Cooper NOT exercising!

Just wanted to make you smile! 😀


2 thoughts on “Alone at the gym

  1. I’m with you Isabelle. I love my treadmill at home…use it all the time, and not to hang clothes on:) I have started to add some meditation to my exercise routine. I’m an active (and restless) gal and the 15-20 minutes I can get each day to clear my mind of all the thoughts I have running around had been great. I especially love to add it to a nice walk outside or treadmill (so cold outside). Thanks for keeping all inspired about keeping a healthy body, mind and spirit!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I go to the gym every day, too, and it’s a sanctuary for me. I think of it as my zen time. I hate cardio, so I do almost all weight lifting, and my schedule (it’s a 3-day split) is one of the things in my life that I can control. It’s nice, and I think I’d go crazy without that routine. Thanks for the add on TK, by the way!

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