I’m goofy like that!

Every year Mr. Man and I go on a houseboat trip with 5 other couples.  It is a chance for us to relax, eat great food and have some serious laughs.  Not to sound too childish but we do play games and drink wine…

OK, so while we were playing the game “Would you rather”, one of the ladies asked the question:  “would you rather be smart and ugly or stupid and beautiful?”  Well all at once 5 voices shouted their answers, 4 of which proudly said: “smart and ugly, of course” and one lonely voice said: “stupid and beautiful, for sure!”  Mmmm, let’s take a wild guess who that was?  Yep, me!  And you know these 5 lovely ladies simply looked at me and smiled sweetly.  Shouldn’t that tell you something about me?

Believe me,  I do think it is important to be smart but all this got me thinking: “is that really what I would want?”  No not so, what I always want is to be funny, nothing makes me happier than when I say something clever or witty, or when someone burst out laughing at one of my comments.

I love to dance while I make breakfast for my daughters, they don’t think it’s funny because they’re in middle school and nothing is funny in middle school.  But I keep hoping that once they look back on this time they think it actually was funny!

I also love to poke fun at myself, I have a lot of material to work with.  When it’s not my accent getting me in trouble then it’s my clumsiness.  I can’t tell you how many times I have fallen because of the invisible things that get in my way.  How many times I have bumped into walls that weren’t there a few minutes earlier.  Last year when my husband’s grand mother was visiting us to watch a football game, I slipped down the stairs and busted my butt in front of everyone, she thought that was the funniest thing ever, no one got up to check on me.  Eventually Mr. Man had to come see if I was alright…either that or there was a time out during the game.

My grand mother use to tell me: “si tu ne vaux pas une rise, tu ne vaux pas grand chose”…..translation: “If you are not worth a laugh, you are not worth a lot”.  Stuff like that stays with me.  I guess everyone has their “thing” they hang on to, for me it’s being worth a laugh!  My dad on the other hand was told at a very young age (I’ll spare you the french this time) when he complained: “I’m bored” then his dad replied: “you must be boring”.  He has never complained of being bored ever since!

My husband knows I’m goofy, he lives it.  I guess you could say he has made peace with it.  When we meet new people he warns them about me, somehow they never seem to believe him and I always prove him right!  He’s not goofy, he always makes sense and he is logical but I love him just the way he is!


3 thoughts on “I’m goofy like that!

  1. I’ve always felt the most important part of life is laughter and being able to laugh at ourselves is such a gift. that’s one of the first traits I loved about you.

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