Here is a brisket I made during the holidays.  Again this was a first for me.  We had dinner at a local barbecue place and Mr. Man ordered himself the brisket “platter” (he likes to eat).  Sadly his reviews were less than favorable.  So I decided maybe I should make one at home and see how it turns out.

Funny thing is by ordering the piece of meat I needed for the recipe I was told by the butcher: “well, you do realize that it would cost about $25.00?” I guess I should dress better when I go to the grocery, maybe coming directly from the gym all sweaty sends the wrong message.

Anyway, I had saved this from an old Martha Stewart magazine.  So I pulled it out, read it careful (which in my case means I scanned it quickly) and went to work. This is not a difficult meal to prepare but it is time consuming.  Don’t start at 5 thinking you will be eating by 6….won’t work and you will be serving PB & Js to your kids (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Here is the brisket coming out of the oven:

Here is a picture of Mr. Man’s plate from that night.

please ignore the “messy/busy” picture 🙂

Here is the link:


Note: I didn’t have parsnips and I used frozen pearl onions.  Oh I almost forgot, I also added some small portobello mushrooms.  It was delicious!

Please send me your reviews if you decide to make this.


One thought on “Brisket

  1. I made it on New Years Day. It was awesome! I don’t like parsnips so I made smashed potatos with a little chive and cream cheese folded it. I ladled the sauce over the potatos and sliced meat. I used red pearl onions found near the shallots (My Matt was the onion peeler)….
    The nice thing is we had a TON of leftovers so I made shepherds pie and we had it Tuesday night!!
    Very good and even though it has some steps it was VERY do able. I got a great piece of meat from Hampton’s (4.5 lbs for 19.99). It had just come in and locally raised. A little added perk.
    I love your recipe’s!!

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