The crew

Riley and Cooper

I must warn you, these guys are beastly!  Ha, sad but true, they are my two cooking companions.  Lovely aren’t they?  They lay there in the same spot day after day hoping for me to mess up… MESS UP?  In fact for anything to hit the floor, they’ll even go after a bit of flour. They are not picky and seem to like all of my cooking.  I feel very safe knowing they are watching over me, I mean you can’t be too safe, right?  At any given moment I could be attacked by celery or my pepper grinder.

In all fairness, I must admit that I talk to them while I cook. Which might also be another reason they stick around (other than possible food hitting the floor).  I mean they wouldn’t want anyone to think that I am a crazy woman talking to myself or my food.

They had to find their own special spot as close to the kitchen as possible but not quite “in” the kitchen.  It seems that at first sitting right in front of the stove (black dog) and either in front of fridge or kitchen sink (brown dog) was a good idea until they quickly realized that being told to move 1o0 times and getting death looks from me was not going to work.  So finally they decided that just on the frontier between the kitchen and the dining room would be a suitable spot.  And there they lay and lay and lay, that is until it’s 5:30 which just happens to be their evening feeding time, so then they do everything they can to get in my way!  But that’s OK, I love them just the same.  I just wish they could write my cooking reviews!

Peace & love,



3 thoughts on “The crew

  1. I love these guys, I think they are great to have in the kitchen because they can’t say anything bad about the food…I guess they can’t wash dishes either:( Glad you tries the Sloppy Joes…Abby’s favorite!!! The best thing about Joes, the next day they are nachos and then the next tacos and burritos…makes for a week of great dinners.
    Keep it up….


  2. Sad but true Isabelle, we do talk to our dogs during the day. The nice thing is that they listen..or pretend to listen, and never talk back. Keep up the great work. We are having Sloppy Joes today in honor of you. 🙂

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